Compliance Monitoring

Wine, Beer, Hard Cider and Spirits

Schenectady Greenmarket is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest
quality products produced locally by our vendors. It is against the policy of Schenectady
Greenmarket for any member to purchase items or resell them at the market. Only items which
are produced by a member, or his/her household or employee, on land owned or rented by that
member may be sold.

In an effort to ensure that all products for sale at the market fall under our producer-only rule
and that vendors are abiding by the Rules and Regulations set-up by Schenectady
Greenmarket, we are compiling Compliance Monitoring Documents for each category of vendor.
These documents will help all vendors as they determine their product mix.

Allowed products under the Alcoholic Products Category
Bottlers statements should include:

  • Wine – labeled with “made by,” “produced by” or “blended by” only
  • Beer – brewed and bottled locally
  • Hard Cider – made from local produce and bottled locally
  • Spirits – labeled with “distilled by” or “distilled and bottled by” only


Schenectady Greenmarket will only allow wine labeled with made by, produced by or blended
by only. The market will slowly disallow the sale of products labeled as “cellared,” “vinted” or
“prepared” by, as wines with such labels are not produced by the wineries.

All wine vendors should be in compliance with this requirement by April 30, 2016.


Schenectady Greenmarket will only allow beer brewed and bottled locally. The market will not
allow beer that is brewed from a commercially available product mix or kit. Preference will be
given to breweries that use a portion of New York grown product.

Hard Cider

Schenectady Greenmarket will only allow hard cider that is made and bottled locally. Preference
will be given to producers who use New York State products.


Schenectady Greenmarket will only allow spirits labeled with distilled by or distilled and bottled
by only. Preference will be given to distillers who use New York State products.

Additional Documents Needed

  • MT-40
  • Weekly Inventory Sheets
  • Weekly Sales Records

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