Inspection Policy

Schenectady Greenmarket Vendor Inspection Policy

June 2014

Schenectady Greenmarket reserves the right to inspect our vendors to ensure that everyone is
abiding by the Rules and Regulations, Bylaws and Compliance Documents of the market. Below is
the inspection policy for Schenectady Greenmarket. These are general details; each inspection is
unique and may require more or less documentation, time and/or coordination than noted below.
The contents of all inspections and inspection reports are confidential between the inspector, the
inspected party, and Schenectady Greenmarket. The inspection and inspection report do not
constitute a consultation, nor should it be used for promotional purposes. All compliance
assessments are made in reference to the Rules and Regulations of Schenectady Greenmarket and
are based on the inspectors’ observations, review of documents and owner/vendor interview.

  1. All vendors are subject to inspection by Schenectady Greenmarket.
  2. A minimum of two representatives of Schenectady Greenmarket will be present at all
  3. Inspections are under the auspices of the Vendor Relations Committee, therefore at least one
    inspector will be from this committee.
  4. The second inspector may be an additional member of the Vendor Relations Committee, board
    member or a qualified outside consultant.
  5. The market manager will not be present at inspections as his/her role involves close personal
    contact with vendors and therefore a perceived conflict of interest.
  6. The market manager will be the main go-between and administrative liaison for the inspection
    and compiling of inspection documents.
  7. Vendors are given 72 hours notice prior to inspections. While the market will make every
    attempt to schedule inspections for Thursdays or Fridays, thus a Monday notification, it is not
    guaranteed. All vendors should be aware that, in rare cases, a Friday notice may be given for
    a Monday inspection. In these cases, the inspection will be scheduled for the afternoon.
  8. Inspections may be instigated either by random selection or because a complaint/charge has
    been raised regarding a particular vendor’s product and/or producer only status.

    1. Complaints must be filed with either the market manager or board chair in writing. The
      name of the complainant will remain confidential.
    2. These complaints are then brought to the volunteer members of the Vendor Relations
      Committee for review. Vendor representatives are excluded from these instances so
      there will be no perceived conflict of interest.
    3. The Vendor Relations Committee may decide that the complaint is either warranted or
      unwarranted. An on-site inspection may be scheduled.
    4. Accused vendors will be notified of the complaint only when the inspection process
      is complete.
  9. Inspections will be made only with the vendor (or a qualified representative of the vendor’s
    operation) present unless otherwise permitted.
  10. Vendors must provide any help necessary to thoroughly document products and conditions
    recorded at the inspection.
  11. The inspection process includes an inventory of products brought to the market for sale.
  12. A list of requested documents will be included in the official inspection notification email.
    Copies of all listed documents must be presented to inspectors at the time of inspection. Some
    commonly requested documents include:

    1. Weekly inventory sheets for items brought to the market for the prior 12 months
    2. Weekly sales records for the market for the prior 12 months
    3. Purchase order/invoices for supplies, animals or seeds
    4. Additional documents may be requested depending on the vendor category (i.e.
      vegetable producer, meat producer, cheese maker, etc.)
  13. Inspected vendors will be notified in writing of the results of the inspection within 14 days of the
  14. Inspection reports may include “areas requiring improvement,” points and/or areas inspectors
    felt were weak at time of inspection. These may include the notification of a possible follow-up
  15. Refusal to allow an inspection may result in suspension from the market.
  16. Details of inspections including inspection forms, reports and results are confidential. Such
    information is shared only with the market manager, members of the Vendor Relations
    Committee and members of the board.

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