Community Table

Schenectady Greenmarket is a vital part of our community. Each Sunday we draw thousands of shoppers downtown, providing an opportunity for outreach and education.

To inquire about community table availability please send a description of your organization’s mission, your proposed activity, your contact information, website address and your desired dates to Community Programming by filling out the form below.

We ask that you request dates a minimum of six weeks prior to your desired attendance. Our community tables are almost always booked thus we will are unlikely to accommodate a last minute request.


Upon approval, and as space permits, you may reserve the community table once per season.

You organization should demonstrate consistency with our mission, promote general public benefit, and should avoid partisan political activity and/or religious affiliation.

Should you wish to accept donations they should be exclusively on behalf of a 501c3 tax exempt organization or similar non profit.

You participation should not interfere with other activities that occur during market including buying and selling, musical performances, children’s activities and local expert demonstrations.

Subject to approval, you may sell items or tickets, but are restricted to selling once per season. However, you must not pose competition to our vendors.

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If you would like to sign up for a community table, please send an email to

Participation is subject to the Board of Directors of Schenectady Greenmarket. We retain the right to approve and deny any community organization from conducting outreach activities at the community table.