What’s Fresh This Week – July 23, 2017

What’s Fresh This Week – July 23, 2017

Happy Summer! This is what‘s fresh for July 23.

Schenectady Greenmarket
Sundays 10:00am – 2:00pm
Around City Hall

What’s For Dinner?

We are SO lucky to have such amazingly delicious vendors here at the Schenectady Greenmarket.  The market has been looking tastier than ever with all the fresh produce that is peaking now in the middle of summer.  Best part?  You don’t even need to step foot in a grocery store because the market has everything you need for dinner!  Grab some fresh meat, zucchini, some cheese, bread, and don’t forget flowers to decorate the table and you got yourself a meal!  Bon appetit!

Music Schedule

Henry Fernandez
The Doghouse Carpenters

Special Items From Our Vendors This Week

Bouchard Farm II: Is it too hot to cook? How about a nice London broil or pork roast in the crock-pot, we’ll be offering both this coming Sunday, along with our full line up of grass-fed beef and pastured pork.

Cherish Natural Soaps: We are featuring our amazing bug repellent and herbal after bite and natural flea and tick repellent for dogs.

Hope Valley Farm: TOMATOES, lettuce, radishes, napa cabbage, swiss chard, kale, sugar snap peas, broccoli, zucchini, squash, cukes, garlic products, plants, perennials, herbs, & more.

Mariaville Farm: Fresh chicken, whole and parts, pasture raised Black Angus beef, Berkshire Hogs, pasture raised and Fresh eggs.

Maynard Farms: White Nectarines make their market debut! We will also have peaches, plums, raspberries, blueberries, beautiful eggplant, colorful sweet peppers, cucumbers, and field ripened cherry tomatoes!

Puckers Gourmet: A fresh batch of our international award winning vegan Kim chi will be at the market this weekend!  Try this rockstar Kim chi on a burger, mix it with those scrambled eggs, or how about Kim chi fries??!

Children’s Activity:

Glenville YMCA

Local Expert: 

Celebrate ice cream month with us! 

Come enjoy a free cone of delicious Battenkill Valley Creamery ice cream, while supplies last!


*Header photo courtesy of Mikayla Ganswith.  Thank you!

What’s Fresh This Week- July 9, 2017

What’s Fresh This Week- July 9, 2017

Indulge in the ultimate summer salad! 

As temperatures rise this month, we’re starting to crave organic salads. Whether you prefer romaine lettuce, spinach or kale, we have a bit of everything to make the nutritious salad of your dreams. Stop by Ambition during your shopping spree for a cold brew while you’re at it!

Music Schedule

10am – 12pm
The Forgettable Four

12 – 2pm
Bruce Blinn-Knapp

Special Items From Our Vendors This Week

Ambition: Serving cold brew coffee and iced chai

Bouchard Farm II: We’ll be offering a ground beef special on our grass-fed beef. Buy 4 lbs, get 1 lb FREE!.

Lovin’ Mama Farm: EVERYTHING CERTIFIED ORGANIC! pea and sunflower shoots, 10+ blends of micro greens (including basil, vitality mix, and detox mix), salad mix with edible flowers, red and green mini romaine head lettuce (ON SALE! $2 EACH OR 3 FOR $5), red and green butter head lettuce, scallions, spring onions, snow peas, summer squash, alpha beit (israeli) and lemon cucumbers, purple kale, rainbow chard, squash blossoms, edible flowers (nasturtiums and viola), fresh cut herbs (italian parsley, chives, sage, thyme, marjoram, mint). Plus cut flowers! Zinnias, sunflowers, sweet peas, cosmos, snap dragons, and mixed bouquets.

Mariaville Farm: We will have fresh chicken, pasture raised black angus beef and pork. Check out our sausage special, great for the grill.

Maynard Farms: Life is a bowl of cherries – Dark Sweet, Queen Anne or Tart cherries – which is for you? Or choose one of our other great fruits or veggies – peaches, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, blueberries, snow peas, snap peas zucchini, apples and cider!

Puckers Gourmet llc: Holy habaneros! We got ’em this week and they are fresh, perfectly spicy,crunchy and amazing! Give this pickle a try on that sandwich, burger, or chop it up and give that tuna salad the kick it needs!!

Rocket’s Canine Cookies: Rocket’s Canine Cookies will be offering their signature treats and paw balm. Figaro’s Favorite Cat Treats will have their signature cat treats in Tuna and Salmon.

Taj Mahal: Stop by for a veggie patty– rich with protein and made from lentils and spinach.

Market Activities

Children’s Activity

Meet the cast (in costume) from Family Players of Northeastern NY‘s The Little Mermaid!

Local Expert

Foster Home Finder, Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth

Community Table

Zero-Waste Learning Center// Plastic Free July Challenge 

Schenectady YWCA

What’s Fresh This Week – June 11, 2017

What’s Fresh This Week – June 11, 2017

Sunday June 11, 2017

We look forward to seeing you at the market on Sunday!  We are expecting a warm and sunny day for the Schenectady Greenmarket so make sure you stay hydrated and pick up some fresh produce and local goodies while you’re here!  Check out more information in today’s newsletter about what items some of our vendors will be providing and other fun activities at the market.

Music Schedule

Mike Yates

Hearty Hearty Love

Children’s Activity

Capital District Rocks:
Get creative with us and paint rocks!

Special Items From Our Vendors This Week

Oh Corn! Arepas* and More:  Today arepas are eaten daily for breakfast, lunch or dinner by almost every inhabitant in Venezuela, equally among all social classes, and you can enjoy them now every Sunday in the Schenectady Green Market.

Puckers Gourmet LLC:  Crunch, spicy, tons of flavor!  Our habanero half sours have been selling out so this weekend we will be armed with extra!  On a sandwich, on its own, or in a Bloody Mary!  This pickle is a winner!!

Rocket’s Canine Cookies: We now have mixed bags of biscuits. Bacon Cheddar, Gluten Free Peanut Butter and Cheesy Sweet Potato all in one bag 30 handmade, all natural biscuits for $10.00.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company: For this Sunday only, a Saratoga Peanut Butter Company tote bag will be free with every purchase! Take home your all-natural nut butters in style!

*History of the Arepa provided by Oh Corn! Arepas and More: The Caribs and Cumanagoto tribes in what is today’s Venezuela, used to cook a local crop of white corn, in order to soften its natural hardness.  Once cooked, they will smash it until it becomes a soft dough and then make small patties that will ultimately be cooked again over a fire pit. The word Arepa comes from the voice ‘erepa’, that means maize for these tribes. Due to its artisanal and rather complex process, it remained  as an exotic delicacy reserved to the few who loved the art of its making by itself. It was not until 1960, when an industrial method of cooking the corn was developed, including smashing and dehydrating it in form of flour, that the eating of the arepa spread all around the country. Today arepas are eaten daily for breakfast, lunch or dinner by almost every inhabitant in Venezuela, equally among all social classes.

What’s Fresh This Week – May 21, 2017

What’s Fresh This Week – May 21, 2017

Spring is Here

Don’t miss this week’s Scavenger Hunt for the kids! Head over to the market table to pick up a clue sheet. The first 10 kids to complete and return the sheet get a prize. 🙂

Special Items From Our Vendors This Week

Bard Farm: We will have a nice variety of hanging baskets flowering pots herbs vegetable plants.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: Rubs on sale $4 each or 3 for $10 – an excellent value. New this year – Rotisserie chicken, Memphis dry rib rub and Saratoga Steak Rub. To help you through the work week we also have a line of delicious slow cooker or instant pot mixes – on sale this week for $4 each. Set it and forget it.

Lovin ‘ Mama Farm: Certified Organic Micro greens, salad mix, eggs.

Nut Zez: Gourmet almond butter. Our nut butter provides healthy fat consumption without any added sugars, salts or preservatives. These Gourmet Almond Butters provide flavors that are unique to the nut butter market with wholesome ingredients that appeal to consumers with a sweet tooth and also the health-conscious consumer. Never any added sucrose, salts or preservatives!

Palatine Cheese: We have a NEW Smoked Bacon Cheddar, it is awesome!

Puckers Gourmet: Looking for a healthy snack? Something crunchy, yummy and good for your tummy? We got ya covered! We will be fully stocked this weekend. Come by and experience just how good a pickle can be.

WASH Green and Clean: We will have our natural bug spray and herbal after-bite and our whole line of natural laundry detergents and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Variety Vendors

Awestruck Hard Ciders
Healthy Gourmet Kitchen
Mosaics by Christine
Palatine Dairy
Windy Hill

Market Activites

Music Schedule

Ron Gordon
Kim Buckley

Community Table

Be sure to visit these local groups while they are at the Schenectady Greenmarket this Sunday to learn more:

Capital Roots

Habitat for Humanity Information Table

St. Catherine’s Center for Children

Children’s Activity


What’s Fresh This Week – April 23rd, 2017

What’s Fresh This Week – April 23rd, 2017

Congratulations Contest Winners!

ICYMI, the Schenectady Greenmarket just completed a very successful social media contest called #mymarketcreation.  A big shout out to ALL of our contestants who made a beautiful meal with ingredients from the market and shared a photo of it with us using the hashtag.  Congratulations to Susan Smith of Instagram and Jessica P. Jeannotte of Facebook for being the winners at random!  They are lucky enough to win a bag full of goodies from the Schenectady Greenmarket!  It’s amazing what you can make with delicious and local ingredients from the Schenectady Greenmarket.  See you this Sunday at Proctors for some great local goodies.

Click here to see all of the amazing, creative, and delicious looking meals that were created for the contest!

Please note this Sunday we will be in Robb Alley and downstairs.  Next Sunday, April 30, will be our LAST indoor market before we move outdoors on May 7!!

Music Schedule

Forgettable Four

Kurt Siegal

Featured Vendor


Special Items From Our Vendors This Week

Electric City Roasters: This year’s crop of Sumatra Aceh Ketiara and D.R. Congo Kivu Butembo just arrived!

Healing Path Massage:  We will have Jennifer and Deborah offering chair massage this Sunday. They are happy to relax your sore, tired muscles so spring comes in on a more comfortable note.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen:  Kale pesto, basil pesto, no sugar added jams, slow cooker seasoning mixes, soups and dips. We’re working on some seasoning mixes for the instant pot.

Hope Valley Farm: Red potatoes, garlic, baby salad greens, potted herbs, indoor/outdoor plants, pickled garlic cloves and scapes, and more!

Mosaics by Christine: New lazy Susans for your viewing pleasure. See you for my last indoor market before heading outside in May.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company: Did you know that the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company also makes almond butters? Stop by for a jar of either Almighty Almond (our all natural almond butter) or Trifecta (our decadent chocolate and cherry almond butter)!

Wash Green and Clean: We will have our whole line of cleaning products as well as our newest addition of liquid dish soap.

Local Expert

Elizabeth Vitale,
Brown School
Color Outside: 5k Run/Walk for Brown School
April 29th, 2017
Color Outside is a 5k color walk/run to celebrate the 10th Annual of the MindUP program at Brown School.  Click here for more information and talk to Elizabeth for more information at the Market this Sunday.

Community Table

Marilyn Fuller, Relay for Life of Schenectady
Relay for Life of Schenectady County is a charity walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society – Event: Saturday, June 10, 2017
Collins Park, Scotia
12pm – Midnight

Click here for more information and talk to Marilyn at the Market on Sunday.

Variety Vendors

Electric City Roasters
Highland Farm
Mosaics by Christine
Nine Pin Cider
Sistahs Vintage Aprons
Ulster Soaps
Underground Alchemy
Windy Hill Goat Dairy