It’s the peak of the season for some of our favorites.

It May be Back to School but it Still Feels Like Summer!

Get Your Favorites for School Lunches!

Our vendors have:  Apricots, Brussels Sprouts, Corn, Grapes, Plums and Tomatoes and so much more.

Come stock up on your favorites and find great items for school lunches!

Crisp Apples Are At the Market!

Grab an Apple for the Teacher!



The last days of summer are full of juicy Apricots and Nectarines 


More from our vendors:

Bouchard Farms: We’ve got Brussel Sprouts!! Come try local and delicious Brussel Sprouts! Perfect for fall dinners!

Maynard Farms:  It’s back to school time and Maynard Farms has lots of healthy and delicious snack and lunch box ideas! Let’s start with Grapes – they are always a pleaser – Seedless Vanessa Red, Gratitude, Faith, Joy and Traditional Concord will be at markets this weekend!  Yellow and White Peaches and Yellow and White Nectarines are always a favorite.  Plums taste like summer – Alderman, Elephant Heart, Black, Big Red, Shiro and new this week – Flavor Grenade and Bluebird Italian Prune Plums!  We are picking new varieties of apples almost everyday – Gala, McIntosh, Blondee, Kindercrisp, Zestar and Ginger Gold! We’ll also have our sweet Fuji, Golden Delicious, Empire, Gala, Macoun and Red Delicious – and tangy to tart Mutsu, Pink Lady and Stayman Winesap…all are delicious, you cannot go wrong! Fresh pressed apple cider is always a welcomed treat! Red and Green Bartlett pears are smooth and sweet.  If veggies are more your style, you can choose from colorful sweet peppers in yellow, red, orange, purple and green, heirloom eggplant in beautiful shades of purple and white, zucchini, summer squash, kirbies, cucumbers, garlic, cauliflower and broccoli.  Heirloom tomatoes are at their peak – all colors and flavors of slicing tomatoes – sweet or savory – and sweet as sugar cherry tomatoes – how will you choose??  Don’t forget the greens – generous bunches of Dino Kale, Curly Kale and Swiss Chard will all be at the markets!! That’s a mouthful – literally!!!  Look forward to seeing you!


Tanager is  on our market stage!

The musical group Tanager is dedicated to the performance and interpretation of traditional jazz from the 1920’s and 30’s. The group consists of five professional musicians/teachers from the Albany area: Megan Gebert Wilson (vocals), Scott Vorwald (clarinet & saxophone), Andrew Mollica (guitar), Bill Hoeprich (bass) and Ben Rau (drums).


Local Expert

Schenectady City Council will be at the market to answer your questions. Stop by and say hello!


Stop by the Kid’s Table Crafts and Fun!

Come work on an art project with our great volunteers! This week we’ll be making butterfly crafts!


Community Table

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region will be at the market this weekend. Stop by and find out how you can get involved.



Community Table

Friends of the Greenhouses, Central Park will have a community table this weekend. Come and learn more!