Welcome to Fall!

Even though it still feels like summer it is fall and the harvest is really starting to come in.  All of our farmers have lots of beautiful fresh vegetables ready for you to take home.  Come down and enjoy this extra summer weekend at the market!

Tickets are on sale now for our annual Harvest Dinner! 

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Music Schedule

10am – 12pm
Mike Yates

12pm – 2pm
Anna Portillo

Specials from our Vendors

Capital Native Plants – Preserving nature for future generations by providing seed-grown potted wildflowers.

Electric Cookie Jar – We plan our treats based on customer requests and the season. This week we will have fall flavors like pumpkin spiced snickerdoodles and vegan, gluten-free lemon lavender cookies. Stop by and have a taste of sweetness.

Funk Farms – Cinnamon is the spice of the week. come try our sweet cinnamon pastry logs and cinnamon buns.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen — it’s slow cooker season come try our premium seasoning mixes. Bursting with flavor from freshly ground spices and herbs. Gluten free, non gmo, no added sugars, artificial preservatives, flavorings or extracts. All are salt free or low sodium.

Highland Farm – This is the last weekend for antler chews for dogs!

Maria’s Home Catering – Try our meatballs and baked mac ‘n’ cheese. Or, if you’re a vegatarian try our vegetarian chili.

Maynard Farms: The calendar says fall, but it sure feels like summer! This week “pear” Maynard Farms summer and fall fruits and veggies to create your meals! Peaches, nectarines and berries to apples, pears and grapes, we’ve got you covered! Juicy yellow and white nectarines, plump blueberries, sweet strawberries and raspberries to Bartlett, Bosc, Seckle and Magness pears offer great variation in texture and flavor. Lots of fresh picked apples – tart to tangy to sweet – Jonathan, Zestar, McIntosh, Autumn Crisp, Honey Crisp, Fuji, Gala, Blondee and Ginger Gold. New this week are Ida Red, Cortland, Macoun, Empire and Haralson Red! Something for everyone! Fragrant and flavorful grapes are just delicious – Concord, Vanessa Red, Mars, Faith, Joy and Jupiter. Don’t forget your veggies! Use Celeriac to add texture and flavor to potatoes, soups, stews and salads. Also delicious are colorful sweet peppers in yellow, red, orange, purple and chocolate brown, heirloom eggplant in beautiful shades of purple and white, zucchini, summer squash, kale, garlic, beautiful cauliflower in purple, orange and white and broccoli. There’s not much better to remind you of summer than a fresh picked heirloom tomato – stop by and see our beautiful selection of colorful slicing and cherry tomatoes – from sweet as sugar to more savory. All will all be available at the markets this weekend! That’s a mouthful – literally!!! Look forward to seeing you!

Oh Corn! Areas and More:  For those still new to the arepa, these “English Muffins” shaped white corn buns are big enough to hold in two hands and can be eaten plain or with butter. They are opened up like a pocket and stuffed with endless fillings, such as shredded beef, black beans, cheese, avocado and chicken, or anything  that comes to your mind.
The arepa is pleasure and duty on the menu of every one that discover it. An arepa not only bring the Venezuelan community together in an almost religious adoration of a culinary tradition, but it is also a warm invitation to the ever growing diverse  community in the Capital Region to try one of the most versatile food in the world.
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Puckers Gourmet: Did you know…
A fresh batch of full garlic sours will be ready for market this weekend!!
Swing by and grab a jar of these amazing, tasty and healthy treats!

These are just some of our specials. With more than sixty vendors who sell prepared food, artisan crafts, fresh veggies, homemade lemonade and more, we’ve got everything you need!

Children’s Activity

Even though it is fall, it is still hot so we will be making some fans to cool you off.

Community Table 1

Habitat for Humanity of Schenectady County
Building homes and supplying home furnishings to our community.

Community Table 2

Yoga Bliss
Will be offering guided peace meditations.