If you’ve been a regular to our Sunday markets you’ve probably seen this lovely face walking around in her orange apron. Her name–if you don’t know it already–is Jennifer Jennings. She was our full-time market manager… the one who kept us all in check and made sure the market ran smoothly each week.

This week was her last market. Well, she officially left us for greener pastures in December–but has graciously stayed on to help us in the transition. We are forever thankful to her for that!

But we’d also like to take a moment to thank her for all she’s done for us.

Jennifer was a huge step for us as an organization. She was our first paid full-time employee. She dealt with our mistakes, and helped to keep us (the board, the vendors) in line. She also brought us to the next level, constantly emphasizing our role as an educational organization in the community and bringing her extensive knowledge of food and farms along with her. Under her guidance and urging we formed a set of compliance documents for inspections. She pushed to organize a farm tour and helped us create our Local Harvest Dinner event. She found and applied for grants, and did many, many other things that I won’t list. She was our superwoman. We will miss her.

Jen, thank you for all you’ve done for us. We weren’t always easy to work with, but you managed to stick with us for years and push us to be better. Good luck in all your future endeavors!