ayelada-vendor-spotlightAyelada is a new vendor this winter season. They produce fresh, local frozen yogurt daily at their two locations in Latham, NY and Pittsfield, MA. Unfortunately, they won’t be moving outside with us, so make sure to stop by and visit them on their last market THIS Sunday (which is also our last indoor market).

How did you get started?

By accident! We happened to be in Northampton MA on a regular basis from 2011 to 2013 and came across a store called GoBerry. GoBerry does what we do in that they make their frozen yogurt each day with skim milk and low fat yogurt from small local independent farms with real ingredients and flavors. They helped us to open our first store in Pittsfield MA in April 2013.

What is your favorite product of yours?

We only make frozen yogurt but if I had to pick a go to flavor it would Original. It’s our base flavor and is really what we are all about in being Fresh, Local and Real. Fresh Dairy and Real Flavors come together in Original. From that we can add any flavor we like. For example Raspberry is Original with real raspberry puree. There is nothing artificial-ever.

What do you feel makes you unique?

Other than GoBerry and maybe a few others (none in the Capital District) no one makes frozen yogurt from scratch each day like we do. Everyone else uses a prepackaged mix. Aside from working with local farms we also work with local artisans for flavors and toppings. See our website under Farmers and Partners.

What does the Schenectady Greenmarket mean to you?

Two things – it allows us to expand our reach and brand as well as meet locally-minded people who are looking for good-quality, locally-produced food. Plus, we are meeting new artisans for flavors and toppings.

What do you love most about what you do?

To be honest we love our business. We are lucky to have a cool group of employees, customers, farmers, and suppliers. We also find looking for new flavors and artisans is also enjoyable.