Chef Shaw Ribadi hosted another tasting table this week at the market. If you missed it, or forgot to pick up the recipe…here it is now.

Spinach with Raisins and Pine Nuts
Recipe by Shaw Rabadi
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A great side dish that combines the sweetness of raisins and the
nutty flavors of pine nuts.

1/3 c. raisins
3 t. olive oil
ΒΌ c. pine nuts
2 bunches fresh spinach
2-4 cloves garlic, chopped
4 pinches salt
4 pinches black pepper
Croutons or pita chips (optional)

PREPARATION (serves 6)
1. Soak raisins in 1 c. warm water for 5 minutes, drain.
2. Heat oil in large sautee pan. Add pine nuts and stir until golden brown.
3. Add spinach and garlic, cook until spinach begins to become wilted.
4. Toss in raisins and stir until fully combined. Season with salt and pepper.

Note: This recipe may be used as a filling for pie crusts, empanadas or in a filo casserole.