The word “local” factors prominently in everything we do at Schenectady Greenmarket. Our vendors are from within a 100-mile radius of our downtown Schenectady locations and they produce all that is sold at the market. We encourage everyone, those who shop at Schenectady Greenmarket every Sunday, and the public at large, to “buy local, eat local.”

Here is what a few of our regulars had to say about why they are committed to buying local food.

Jennifer Wilkerson (right) gets to know her farmer, Bob Chandler of Mariaville Farm

“I helped start Schenectady Greenmarket and serve on the board, and as a family, we shop at the market every Sunday. The majority of our food is purchased there. Eating seasonally is great. Not only does food taste better, but we happily look forward to what we know will be coming into harvest in upcoming weeks. However, we shop at the market for other reasons too. We believe that purchasing local food serves the higher purpose of supporting farm families and preserving productive open space. And, Schenectady Greenmarket is fun–something we don’t often say about shopping. We enjoy the real, honest connection to the hardworking people who grow, make and sell the food that ends up on our table.” – Jennifer Wilkerson, Niskayuna

The Fenlon family, enjoying a day at the market

“Buying local is good for everybody. It’s good for the upstate economy to support local businesses. Food doesn’t have to travel so far and that’s better for our economy also.” – Chris Fenlon, Niskayuna

“It’s important to me to buy foods that are free of pesticides and are grown in smaller batches. Also, we always see people we know at the market and we know the vendors. That makes a difference.” – Judith Fenlon, Niskayuna


Michael Tamasi can't get enough of those local greens!

“I’m committed to buying local because you get the best quality from people you know. And, because you know them, you can trust your food source. Farmers work very hard so I want my money to directly support them. Also, we should all support people who live in our community. If you spend money on quality food, you’ll be healthier for it.” – Michael Tamasi, Schenectady